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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunblemishedun‧blem‧ished /ʌnˈblemɪʃt/ adjective  1 SPOILnot spoiled by any mistake or bad behaviour syn spotless a law firm with an unblemished reputation2 without marks or damage syn flawless her smooth unblemished skin
Examples from the Corpus
unblemishedThe report stated that Stewart's character had remained completely unblemished.Lord Edwards is retiring after an unblemished career that has lasted thirty years.Only unblemished, healthy produce will keep for long, and it is important to handle crops gently.How can taxonomy work if its subjects can no longer claim an unblemished identity?Only if you guard the unblemished original can you regenerate a clean copy.Mrs Falconer had an unblemished record of 27 years service with the company.an unblemished record of service to the communityHe assured us all that those who wished to dissect it later would only find an unblemished record.He has established an unblemished reputation for accuracy.She is a woman with an unblemished reputation of fairness and competence.an unblemished safety recordunblemished skinLast Sunday you believed a statue of the Virgin Mary - a white unblemished statue - moved towards you.
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