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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunbreakableun‧break‧a‧ble /ʌnˈbreɪkəbəl/ adjective  not able to be broken unbreakable glasssee thesaurus at strong
Examples from the Corpus
unbreakableWithout a doubt, this stuff is unbreakable.His hand slid downwards, holding hers in a grip that was suddenly unbreakable.an unbreakable bottlePrisoner, tell me who was it that brought this unbreakable chain?Even the unbreakable confidence of the band turned into surprise.Even supporters such as Lipton do not believe Rabin's work will create a code that is unbreakable for ever.Make sure your patio doors are made of unbreakable glass.It was patriarchal on account of its powerful family links, the long unbreakable ligatures of ancestor-worship.Deadlock, total and seemingly unbreakable, obtained both at sea and on the Western Front.Twirl the Plate Everyone sits in a circle with an unbreakable plate in the centre.a virtually unbreakable vacuum flask
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