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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunbridledun‧bri‧dled /ʌnˈbraɪdld/ adjective literary  CONTROLnot controlled and too extreme or violent unbridled greed
Examples from the Corpus
unbridledEach man lacks the stamina to confront the disastrous consequences of unbridled and law-breaking greed.The benefits that consumers will enjoy are dependent on unbridled competition within the industry; government intervention will only hinder its evolution.It leaves logging to the unbridled discretion of the Forest Service.It is the unbridled individual interest of a person who forgets the existence of others in thinking only of his own advantage.The call, it emerges, is to unbridled love, something that this sedate day-time society was not willing to permit.unbridled passionNot so long ago he had been uncomfortable in the atmosphere of the seemingly unbridled physicality of Dunham dancing.The place was governed by the simple understanding that the unbridled pursuit of perceived self-interest was healthy.
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