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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunbrokenun‧bro‧ken /ʌnˈbrəʊkən $ -ˈbroʊ-/ adjective  CONTINUOUScontinuing without being interrupted or broken their unbroken record of success a time of unbroken peace
Examples from the Corpus
unbrokenEven if the man drifted close to sleep, which the stillness encouraged, the union remained unbroken.The mould thus stubbornly remained unbroken.The skin was unbroken and smooth, as if it were now untroubled by worries in endless sleep.The horizon is flat, unbroken by even a tree.Thus an unbroken column of water extends in the tree from the root cells to the leaf cells.unbroken egg yolksThe premise of her nocturnes is that they need to be performed with a beautiful sound and a flexible, unbroken line.The sense of an unbroken participatory field of reality was central to the primal mind as well.an unbroken silence
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