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uncharted waters/territory/area etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncharted waters/territory/area etcuncharted waters/territory/area etcNOT KNOWa situation or activity that you have never experienced or tried before This new project will take us into uncharted territory. uncharted
Examples from the Corpus
uncharted waters/territory/area etcClearly the 49ers are sailing in uncharted waters.Gradually the performance builds into something extraordinary, a gallant voyage into uncharted territory.Other career seekers are more interested in venturing into uncharted waters.I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes as the plane headed straight into very uncertain, very uncharted territory indeed.There are no road signs in uncharted territory, no footprints to follow in places where no one has ventured before.Not uncommonly, studies of this kind which relate to relatively uncharted areas raise more issues than they solve.And instead of heading off into uncharted waters, Shyamalan has positively invited comparisons with his previous opus.Any progress to be made in this almost uncharted area would be of great significance to communication and those who apply it.
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