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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncheckedun‧checked /ˌʌnˈtʃekt◂/ adjective  LET/ALLOWif something bad or harmful goes unchecked, it is not controlled or stopped and develops into something worsecontinue/grow/go unchecked We cannot allow such behaviour to continue unchecked. This habit, if left unchecked, may cause serious problems later.
Examples from the Corpus
uncheckedInstead, it should be seen as a successful attempt to control speeds which would reach unacceptable levels if left unchecked.Once again, fires raged unchecked.Rachael had hidden a large kitchen knife in his jeans pocket and smuggled it in unchecked.The tendencies are compliments to the power of statecraft and faith, marks of their potential for danger when unchecked.They can be unsightly if left unchecked, but must always be treated with care.The spring rains, unchecked by forest roots, reach flood proportions as they accumulate downstream.And the sway of unchecked guns should not be underestimated.In contrast, a nonconstitutional regime is characterized by unchecked power, and the structural arrangements of the constitution are not upheld.continue/grow/go uncheckedOn the other hand, their behavior is too incendiary to go unchecked.Stretched to the limit ... police chief says petty crime is going unchecked.This policy attitude has continued unchecked.These acts of aggression went unchecked because the powers that might have stopped them had problems of their own.The corruption went unchecked because the system could not afford to acknowledge the extent of its own inefficiencies and failures.I believe that here at home if these offences are allowed to continue unchecked our moral standards will be lowered.If allowed to grow unchecked, the algae would smother the reefs.
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