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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncivilizedun‧civ‧i‧lized (also uncivilised British English) /ʌnˈsɪvəlaɪzd/ adjective  1 RUDE/IMPOLITEbehaviour that is uncivilized is rude or socially unacceptable2 old-fashioned societies that are uncivilized have a very simple way of life, and have not developed social, legal, economic etc systems syn primitive
Examples from the Corpus
uncivilizedSuddenly the world seems vastly uncivilized.From these postings, uncivilized and disease-ridden in those days, few if any returned.For he abhors Arsenal, whose supporters are uncivilized and rough.Family dysfunction has demonstrated an alarming tendency to correlate with immoral and uncivilized behavior.Motasem Ahmed at the Hay-Adams, which overlooks the White House, says he would never call on such an uncivilized service.
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