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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunclothedun‧clothed /ʌnˈkləʊðd $ -ˈkloʊðd/ adjective formal  NAKEDnot wearing clothes syn naked
Examples from the Corpus
unclothedThey were unclothed and denuded of their wigs.We have no right to possess anything while millions remain unclothed and unfed.The unclothed, except when swimming, stayed in the background, secluded in the lee of a dune.All that slim, rounded, unclothed flesh I'd seen - from the back - had not been girl flesh.She felt absolutely helpless and extremely vulnerable standing completely unclothed under his watchful eyes.Man unclothed would not have survived long in the far north or south.Think of the countless statues of unclothed young women.
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