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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunconcernedun‧con‧cerned /ˌʌnkənˈsɜːnd $ -ɜːrnd/ adjective  1 DON'T CAREnot worried about something because you think it does not affect youunconcerned about Many large companies seem totally unconcerned about the environment.2 INTERESTEDnot interested in a particular aim or activityunconcerned with unconcerned with making a profitunconcernedly /-nɪdli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unconcernedIt was strange. They threatened to fire him, but he seemed quite unconcerned.She's relaxed and responding well to some half-completed treatment, unconcerned about her hair loss.But he was unconcerned about the bite and thought the tingling pain was more indicative of a urine infection than shingles.She seemed unconcerned about the risk of violence.They appeared completely unconcerned about the shelling going on around them.The sheriff was unconcerned about their whereabouts.The brothers appeared unconcerned about what Cassidy had to say.Scott seemed unconcerned by his companion's problem and looked to his right.But the Republican professed to be unconcerned by surveys.To her everything seemed to be curious and interesting, and she was utterly unconcerned how she appeared to other people.unconcerned aboutThe man seemed unconcerned about his wife's health.unconcerned withThese competitive women are unconcerned with motherhood.
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