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unconfirmed report/story/rumour etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunconfirmed report/story/rumour etcunconfirmed report/story/rumour etcPROVEa report etc that has not been proved or supported by official information We’ve received unconfirmed reports of an explosion in central London. unconfirmed
Examples from the Corpus
unconfirmed report/story/rumour etcA U. S. Embassy official said he had unconfirmed reports of 300 dead.We have an unconfirmed report of shots fired in the area of Brandenburg Gate.Several commercial tests are available but there are few and unconfirmed reports of their efficacy.One unconfirmed report said Hamilton had intended to take the children hostage but that his plan went awry.The whereabouts of Pastor Tokes remained unclear, amid unconfirmed reports that he had been murdered.Horrors include the bombing of civilians and unconfirmed reports that napalm has been used.There were unconfirmed reports that two activists were killed.
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