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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncontestedun‧con‧test‧ed /ˌʌnkənˈtestɪd◂/ adjective  1 an uncontested action or statement is one that no one opposes or disagrees with After an uncontested divorce, Peggy married Charlie.2 an uncontested election is one in which only one person wants to be elected
Examples from the Corpus
uncontestedDuring the period of the Stormont parliament, half the seats were uncontested.If your son is to rule, he must be uncontested.The forfeiture proceedings take place before magistrates and are often uncontested.The length of each parliament was extended from three to seven-ears by an act of 1716, and many elections were uncontested.These claims have not gone uncontested.But the rebels have exercised uncontested control here since 1997.An uncontested divorce, as Tom put it.Evidently, cultural reproduction in this sense is not an automatic or uncontested process.
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