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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncontrolledun‧con‧trolled /ˌʌnkənˈtrəʊld◂ $ -ˈtroʊld◂/ adjective  EMOTIONALuncontrolled emotions or behaviour continue because you are not trying to stop them uncontrolled weeping
Examples from the Corpus
uncontrolledHe was breathless and moving at high speed, but there was nothing agitated or uncontrolled about him.uncontrolled capitalismOne keeps coughing, in uncontrolled, dying spasms.It is a very uncontrolled environment.This is not wild, uncontrolled nature, but greenery as artifice and symbol.Taking controlled deep breaths will calm you down and get you into a more relaxed rhythm rather than a state of uncontrolled panic.Their dangerous, uncontrolled sexuality is destined to be muted by the life-long practice of inhuman austerities and self-denial.uncontrolled violence
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