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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncookedun‧cooked /ˌʌnˈkʊkt◂/ adjective  food that is uncooked has not been cooked syn raw Always wash your hands after handling uncooked meat.
Examples from the Corpus
uncookedAny movement, however slight, could crack the Chevy wide open like an uncooked eggshell.The gift took the form of uncooked food, usually paddy.Eating any of these uncooked foods with B17 can cause cyanide poisoning.Moreover the baked bread tends to collapse on cooling or to be uncooked in the centre.Pick turned the color of uncooked liver.It was like eating very soft, uncooked marshmallow or egg pudding.Uncooked meat should be stored separately.Spoon the sauce into large uncooked pasta shells.The term green shrimp refers to all or any uncooked shrimp.Freeze uncooked trout, with herbs and lemon, for up to 1 month.
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