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uncutun‧cut /ˌʌnˈkʌt◂/ adjective  1 AREMOVE#a film, book etc that is uncut has not been made shorter, for example by having violent or sexual scenes removed the uncut version of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’2 HEGan uncut jewel that is still in its natural form has not been cut into a particular shape uncut diamonds
Examples from the Corpus
uncutMany hedges, repeatedly flailed to the ground, will return if left uncut.The grass in the garden was uncut and came up to her calves.The arches have been inset with pearls and uncut diamonds.uncut hairFinally, glue the uncut index card on to the two supporting cards to finish the bridge. 6.A new furniture shop with a three-piece suite in uncut moquette in the window next to a cocktail cabinet shiny as toffee.The wire was uncut, the dugouts intact.the uncut version of the interview
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