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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundeclaredun‧de‧clared /ˌʌndɪˈkleəd◂ $ -ˈklerd◂/ adjective  not officially announced or called something a scandal involving undeclared payments to politicians an undeclared civil war
Examples from the Corpus
undeclaredBut to Cécile it is the indelible moment of first love, impossible and undeclared.Hidden agendas A hidden agenda is where some one's behaviour is determined by a motive which is undeclared and being deliberately concealed.Rather, they are responsible states with undeclared, and to a large extent unproven, nuclear weapons capabilities.Property should come under the Trades Description Act and contracts should allow buyers to back out if they discover undeclared defects.Outside, the military authorities began enforcing an undeclared night-time curfew.I hope that we shall succeed in doing that, especially with regard to special inspections of previously undeclared sites.The frontier is watched - an undeclared war going on.But now, with unemployment touching 10 percent and rising, undeclared work and workers have become a political scapegoat.
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