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under a cloud (of suspicion)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunder a cloud (of suspicion)under a cloud (of suspicion)informalSUSPECT if someone is under a cloud, people have a bad opinion of them because they think they have done something wrong He left the company under a cloud of suspicion. cloud
Examples from the Corpus
under a cloud (of suspicion)The sight of these two storming along under a cloud of canvas is enough to stir the blood of most landlubbers.For all these reasons wooden aeroplanes are under a cloud at the moment.He passes away under a cloud, inscrutable at heart, forgotten, unforgiven, and excessively romantic.According to the researchers, the new cell actually works better under cloud cover than in full sunlight.We argued about it, and when I left, I left under a cloud.Decades of wallpaper peeling under clouds of dust.Not only must they care for distressed and disturbed young people, but they must do so under a cloud.Sometimes the pressure we were under clouded our judgment.
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