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under ... conditions/circumstances

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunder ... conditions/circumstancesunder ... conditions/circumstancesif something happens under particular conditions, it happens when those conditions exist I wish I’d met him under different circumstances. The system operates well under normal conditions. under
Examples from the Corpus
under ... conditions/circumstancesAnd yet there are those who still would not turn in a relative under any circumstances.Despite these difficulties, however, a number of workers have successfully demonstrated effects of homoeopathic remedies under experimental conditions.In goal, Peter Liles gave a solid performance under very testing conditions.Under normal conditions, approximately 65 percent of salt and water is reabsorbed at this site.How, under these circumstances, could I have been disappointed?Under these circumstances it was hardly surprising that the police adopted a laissez-faire policy.Under less sanguine circumstances, loans are advanced more cautiously.Under what circumstances will this separation work?
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