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under the banner of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunder the banner of somethingunder the banner of somethingas part of a particular group or organization The oil-producing countries joined together under the banner of OPEC. banner
Examples from the Corpus
under the banner of somethingThis familiarity, this friendliness of science is fast disappearing under the banner of standardisation.Knights who had ridden forth under the banner of this leader or that rode back on their own.Within 12 months the Moderation movement had collapsed and in 1835 the abstainers re-grouped under the banner of Total Abstinence.On the other side are those who march under the banner of Unity.Third World countries struggled for national independence and did so often under the banner of nationalist socialism.Kassar is expected to produce one or two films a year at Paramount under the banner of a still-unnamed production company.Our links with the press are strong and we provide copy ready material and photographs under the banner of Media Action.
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