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under the table

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunder the tableunder the tableinformalILLEGAL money that is paid under the table is paid secretly and illegally Payments were made under the table to local officials. table
Examples from the Corpus
under the tableAndrea suddenly ducked under the table to avoid Heather.A perfect end to a perfect day: a chocolate-smeared face peers up from under the table.He thought she looked maddeningly attractive, and emboldened by the fine claret, pressed his knee against hers under the table.They paid him under the table so he wouldn't have to pay taxes.He looks under the table and sees a bare toe rubbing the toe of his sneaker.payments made under the table to local officialsIt can be hidden from the tax man, laundered to disguise its source and passed under the table in bribes.They laughed so hard they slid under the table.Anna sees something under the table by the tree.At that I push the chair all the way under the table and we give each other these glowing smiles.
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