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under the weather

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunder the weatherunder the weatherinformalMIILL slightly ill You look a bit under the weather. weather
Examples from the Corpus
under the weatherAnd young Curtis has been a bit under the weather, missed training this week, so he's out.I hear you've been a bit under the weather. Are you feeling better now?Although he was not as ill as he had made out to Elaine, he still felt a bit under the weather.You will have off days when you are tired or a bit under the weather.It was too early in the trip for a serious attempt and all of us were decidedly under the weather.I began to feel under the weather on Thursday morning after leaving Haslemere.Like our own, Botham's finances are a little under the weather.Mike's feeling a little under the weather so he couldn't come tonight.Louise looked a little under the weather when I saw her.Marie's pretty under the weather for the next couple of days.
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