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underarmun‧der‧arm1 /ˈʌndərɑːm $ -ɑːrm/ adverb  DS British English if you throw a ball underarm, you throw it without moving your arm above your shoulder opp overarm syn underhand American English
Examples from the Corpus
underarmHe was also the only player known to throw underarm.
underarmunderarm2 adjective  1 [only before noun] relating to or used on your armpits underarm hair underarm deodorants2 an underarm throw is one where you throw a ball without moving your arm above your shoulder opp overarm underarm bowling
Examples from the Corpus
underarmunderarm deodorant
underarmunderarm3 noun [countable]  the hollow area under your arm, where it joins your body syn armpit
Examples from the Corpus
underarmShe shaved her legs and underarms, and shampooed her hair.
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