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underclothesun‧der‧clothes /ˈʌndəkləʊðz -kləʊz $ -dərkloʊðz, -kloʊz/ noun [plural] (also under-clothing [uncountable])  DCCclothes that you wear next to your body under your other clothes syn underwear
Examples from the Corpus
underclothesDown a ways one of the maids had draped her underclothes on the wall.All his underclothes, his sports socks, his trousers and vests were smeared with shit.Tommy also had the rich young owner's razor and toothbrush, along with his underclothes, pyjamas and stock of fresh films.I had my last underclothes on, but he must have taken everything else off.She used to disdain the habit and the implication of underclothes.There were no clothes or underclothes or shoes anywhere.The others also draped their underclothes among the branches.I still remember taking off your underclothes.
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