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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderdevelopedun‧der‧de‧vel‧oped /ˌʌndədɪˈveləpt◂ $ -dər-/ adjective  1 underdeveloped country/region etc2 DEVELOPnot having grown or developed as much as is usual or necessary a baby born with underdeveloped kidneysunderdevelopment noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
underdevelopedIts leadership would be concentrated in more and more reduced elites from developed countries and in consistent minorities from the underdeveloped.The West creates its power through military research, which forces underdeveloped countries to become passive consumers.She still needs oxygen for her underdeveloped lungs and needs several different drugs every day.The baby weighed only 1.4 pounds and had underdeveloped lungs.We are a poor, underdeveloped nation.In other words, there have been more military coups in underdeveloped than in developed countries.The debate about who should pay what tax in the underdeveloped world has moved centre stage.
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