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underdeveloped country/region etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderdeveloped country/region etcunderdeveloped country/region etcPTa country, area etc that is poor and where there is not much modern industrydeveloping country underdeveloped
Examples from the Corpus
underdeveloped country/region etcHowever, he is not so undiplomatic as to resist the horrendous hospitality of overindulgent underdeveloped countries.I presume you wish to help underdeveloped countries but I fear you could do them considerable harm.This pole excludes underdeveloped countries from any participation.They are sometimes, especially in underdeveloped countries, illiterate.The high rates of unemployment so characteristic of underdeveloped countries make women especially vulnerable.The West creates its power through military research, which forces underdeveloped countries to become passive consumers.
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