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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderfootun‧der‧foot /ˌʌndəˈfʊt $ -ər-/ adverb  1 UNDER/BELOWunder your feet where you are walkingwet/firm/soft etc underfoot The wet wood is very slippery underfoot.2 trample somebody/something underfoot
Examples from the Corpus
underfootHow can I get anything done with all these kids underfoot?The pine needles were soft underfoot.Arriving at the foot of the ladder, Grant's feet crunched in a sprinkling of fresh soil underfoot.Between the viaduct and the seafront you crush the brittle flowers underfoot.The bedding, which resembled black seaweed, oozed underfoot.The problem is not, as you might think, that the butterflies are being trampled underfoot.The sky was clear, the stars were beautiful and the snow creaked underfoot.They swirled about us, rumbling overhead and underfoot, then drifted past.The ground underfoot was harder, almost dry.wet/firm/soft etc underfootThe pine needles were soft underfoot.The soil was dry and firm underfoot.This was open desert, and there was not a dune in sight and it was firm underfoot.
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