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undergrowthun‧der‧growth /ˈʌndəɡrəʊθ $ -dərɡroʊθ-/ noun [uncountable]  HBPbushes, small trees, and other plants growing around and under bigger trees
Examples from the Corpus
undergrowthWe watched the men bundle up their parachutes and move off through the dense undergrowth, chopping at it with jungle machetes.Sandra hid in undergrowth nearby as Robert was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and beaten by the gang.Mrs Nishimae stops, putting a finger over her lips, then disappears through a small opening in a tangle of undergrowth.Even if she reached the trees, the Dragoons would soon ride Sharpe down in the tangle of undergrowth.There was a scuffle, and then a woman's giggle, among the undergrowth toward the centre of the small coppice.Benjamin heard the faint crackling in the undergrowth but took one look at me and gave up any idea of pursuit.Something rustled in the undergrowth.Crunching up the gravel drive past a clump of rhododendrons, she heard a scuffle in the undergrowth.And if they did they wouldn't be laughing; they'd be too busy tracking their way through the undergrowth.
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