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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderhandun‧der‧hand1 /ˌʌndəˈhænd◂ $ ˈʌndərhænd/ (also underhanded /ˌʌndəˈhændɪd $ ˌʌndər-/) adjective  DISHONESTdishonest and done secretly They did it all in such an underhand way. He’s been involved in some underhand dealings.see thesaurus at dishonest overhand
Examples from the Corpus
underhandShe implies that this is somehow underhand.He generally fielded at point and his underhand bowling was formidable.But you must watch for underhand dealings, if not deception, in early April and July.Godwin is not pleased with that idea: I might compromise my sincerity by acting in an underhand manner.In a series of very smart, underhand moves, Browne gradually gained control of the company.Its the underhand way you went about the heavy petting and damp carry-on, Douglas.
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underhandunderhand2 adverb American English  DSif you throw a ball underhand, you throw it without moving your arm above your shoulder syn underarm British English
Examples from the Corpus
underhandBut how could he be so ... underhand?It's underhand, but effective.The Sox would like to see him throw as well over the top as he does underhand on the move.Alice thought: Throwing underhand, pathetic! - and this scorn refuelled her.Webster retrieved the ball and flipped it underhand to Rhodes, who had anchored himself at the plate.
From Longman Business Dictionaryunderhandun‧der‧hand /ˌʌndəˈhænd◂ˈʌndərhænd/ adjective dishonest and done secretlyHe has a reputation for underhand dealings.
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