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underlayun‧der‧lay /ˈʌndəleɪ $ -ər-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DHHthick material that is put between a carpet and the floor
Examples from the Corpus
underlayEverything has an underlay of deceit.Something to do with a Bob Geldof feature needing an underlay.These are padded mini-mattresses covered with smooth plastic, but you can make your own from rubberised carpet underlay.And you can't top that smell-the sweet, dry, rubbery, wet, woolly smell of fresh underlay.Good carpet needs a good underlay.In conjunction with these offers, there is free fitting and rubber underlay on any carpet from stock at over £4.99 per square yard.Some carpets have an integral foam backing as part of the underlay.Use underlay under woven carpet, or jute-backed tufted carpet.
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