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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderprivilegedun‧der‧priv‧i‧leged /ˌʌndəˈprɪvəlɪdʒd◂ $ -dər-/ adjective  POORvery poor, with worse living conditions, educational opportunities etc than most people in society underprivileged children
Examples from the Corpus
underprivilegedI believed that without a uniform we were more identified with the poor and underprivileged.Infected rates are high among urban elites as well as among the poor and underprivileged.Princess Anne has done much to help underprivileged children all over the world.He supported orphanages and schools, underprivileged children went on camping holidays at his expense.He pledged more funding for pregnant women's nutrition, childhood immunisations, and pre-school programmes for underprivileged children.An ambitious bar association volunteer program for assisting the underprivileged quickly followed.Jane Addams was awarded the Nobel Prize for her inventive work with underprivileged women and children.underprivileged youth
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