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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundersizedun‧der‧sized /ˌʌndəˈsaɪzd◂ $ -ər-/ (also undersize /-ˈsaɪz◂/) adjective  SMALLtoo small
Examples from the Corpus
undersizedOne girl from Harvard's administration department insisted that one gullible dealer tried on an undersized blazer.undersized clothesThen, how long before somebody proposes giving points for undersized fish that did not make the undersize fish measure?Indiana shot its way to a 13-point halftime lead, throttling the undersized Gophers into 23.3 percent shooting.Ed was thin and undersized like Patsy, but he was fit and strong, because he boxed.The adult form looks a bit like an undersized mosquito.David Ferric walked in wearing an undersized panama hat and a turtleneck shirt with a drooping collar.Weight is important ... if the animals are undersized, they may not survive the seven month long hibernation period.
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