1 noun
un‧der‧stand‧ing1 W3
1 [singular, uncountable] knowledge about something, based on learning or experienceCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
have an understanding/some understanding of something have little/no understanding of something gain/get an understanding of something a better/greater/deeper understanding of something a clear understanding of something a thorough/proper/full understanding of something a basic understanding of something
understanding of
How does this add to our understanding of the problem?
If you know the neighbourhood, you have an understanding of what the children are like.
Linguists currently have little understanding of the exact cause of language change.
How can we gain an understanding of other cultures?
Over time, you will get a far better understanding of the job.
Success depends on a clear understanding of the problem.
2 [countable usually singular] an unofficial or informal agreement
come to/reach an understanding (=stop arguing and agree)
My father was furious at first, but eventually we came to an understanding.
We had an understanding that Jean-Claude should never be mentioned.
3 [singular, uncountable] the ability to understand people's behaviour and to forgive them when they do something wrong:
The principal listened to the boy's story with sympathy and understanding.
4 [uncountable]

somebody's understanding (of something)

the way in which someone judges the meaning of something
According to my understanding of the letter, it means something quite different.

on the understanding that

if you agree to something on the understanding that something else will be done, you agree to it, believing that it will be done:
Jack lent Sarah the money on the understanding that she would pay it back next month.

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