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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderstatedun‧der‧stat‧ed /ˌʌndəˈsteɪtɪd◂ $ -ər-/ adjective  an understated style is one that is attractive because it is simple and does not have too many decorations syn subtle the understated elegance of the Hotel Traiano
Examples from the Corpus
understatedThere are times when understated architectural solutions like this are the right ones.If so, I think that shows style: an understated elegance with just a touch of gaudiness.understated eleganceThis understated formal water feature would look sensational nestled in a secret corner of any small garden.Now opera has rarely been a naturalistic medium, and never an understated one.There was the boyish enthusiasm and raw speed of Maurice Greene and the quiet, understated professionalism of the unbeatable Michael Johnson.As an actor, Poitier was quite effective in his understated, quietly confident way.He seemed to do everything with economy and a certain understated style.The titles are the most understated thing about these imaginative creations.
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