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undersubscribedun‧der‧sub‧scribed /ˌʌndəsəbˈskraɪbd $ -dər-/ adjective  Ban activity, sale, service etc that is undersubscribed is not bought or used by enough people opp oversubscribed
Examples from the Corpus
undersubscribedAnd, I believe, science courses continue to be undersubscribed in our universities.The placing and rights issue to fund the acquisition were undersubscribed, with 61.2 percent of the rights issue taken up.
From Longman Business Dictionaryundersubscribedun‧der‧sub‧scribed /ˌʌndəsəbˈskraɪbd◂-dər-/ adjective FINANCE a share or bond ISSUE (=when they are made available for sale) is undersubscribed if people ask for fewer shares etc than are availableTender issues that are undersubscribed are taken up by the Bank.
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