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undertake to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundertake to do somethingundertake to do something formalto promise or agree to do something He undertook to pay the money back in six months.see thesaurus at promise undertake
Examples from the Corpus
undertake to do somethingThe artist must undertake to act reasonably at all times if offered fair advice by his or her manager.Labour must also undertake to curb spiralling local government spending.At the beginning of his reign, Herod undertook to establish currency and legitimacy for himself.But Claire Fraser was out there and he had undertaken to find her and persuade her to come home.In addition, extensive research is being undertaken to improve existing lines and develop new products.The government in turn undertook to keep price increases to a minimum.ACE/AGIT recommend that one of the governors undertakes to look after the interests of the children with special educational needs.Each country undertakes to negotiate in good faith.They agreed to return to their barracks after the government undertook to pay them their January and February salaries.
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