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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundertoneun‧der‧tone /ˈʌndətəʊn $ -dərtoʊn/ noun [countable]  1 SEEMa feeling or quality that is not directly expressed but can still be recognizedovertoneundertone of There was an undertone of sadness in her letter. Opponents claim the policy has racist undertones.2 QUIET literary if you speak in an undertone, you speak quietlyin an undertone ‘Don’t be too upset if he doesn’t come, ’ said Drew in an undertone.
Examples from the Corpus
undertoneBalanced it was not, with acidic undertones so evident that it was hard to swallow.In the prevailing hush of the room, it had an especially clumsy ring, an undertone of impermanence.The darkness and space made us all speak in undertones.a story with racist undertonesIt is most definitely a thriller, but with strong romantic undertones.With him, it's that certain words have terribly strong undertones.He disregarded the Navigator's diminution of his name, perhaps sensing the undertone, this time, of almost fond indebtedness.There was an unmistakable undertone of nationalist resentment in many of their remarks.A pleasant floral aroma with woody undertones this tasted like a very dry pale sherry with bubbles which had a tannic aftertaste.undertone ofThere was an undertone of excitement among the passengers.in an undertoneI pointed out to Sherlock in an undertone.The darkness and space made us all speak in undertones.
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