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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderusedun‧der‧used /ˌʌndəˈjuːzd◂ $ -ər-/ adjective  USE somethingsomething that is underused is not used as much as it could be opp overused
Examples from the Corpus
underusedIt is deplorable that the old Aldens supermarket site remains underused and the Whitehouse football ground plans stagnate.Yet these tonics are underused and under-researched.Perhaps underused as a source of prospects, the press is nevertheless important.Just as the ordinary Tender is used insufficiently, so the Williamson Tender is an underused device.Surely we each agree that fallow or underused land is of no help to the economic situation.Domesday Book makes it clear that large areas were wooded and that waste and underused land was widespread in 1086.an underused officeTo do this use will be made of the hitherto underused personal accounts of everyday life from the Mass Observation Archive.Until then much of the usefulness of these accessories lies in their exploitation of an underused resource rather than a dramatic step forward.
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