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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundisclosedun‧dis‧closed /ˌʌndɪsˈkləʊzd◂ $ -ˈkloʊzd◂/ adjective  used to describe information which is not given to the public Developers have agreed to buy the site for an undisclosed sum.
Examples from the Corpus
undisclosedOperating profit fell an undisclosed amount.That achievement has been rewarded by a further undisclosed but substantial injection of capital by Courtaulds to strengthen its position.The exact figure remains undisclosed, but will be the same as Mr Leigh-Pemberton's pay over the past year.The 10-year deal gives Hubbard an undisclosed share of profits.The Denver TV station bought the videotape for an undisclosed sum.Darlington conservatory maker Amdega bought a Staffordshire-based rival for an undisclosed sum.Koutros' attorney, Steven Thaler, said the case had been settled last year for an undisclosed sum.He leaves it undisclosed, which is perhaps the best thing to do with secrets.
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