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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishundulyun‧du‧ly /ʌnˈdjuːli $ -ˈduː-/ adverb formal  TOO/TOO MUCHmore than is normal or reasonableunduly worried/concerned/anxious etc She doesn’t seem unduly concerned about her exams. It didn’t trouble me unduly.
Examples from the Corpus
undulyDeath will come by lethal injection, rather than cyanide gas, since gassing has been challenged in California as unduly cruel.Shareholder activists argue that such perks unduly enrich outside directors, encourage them to stay too long and endanger their independence.The Senator has been unduly influenced by a few wealthy contributors.It appears unduly insistent on the primacy of certain conceptual connections between cognition and language.I don't want to sound unduly negative, but I simply couldn't see what there was to mourn.This outlook makes the prospect of high performance seem unduly remote, a far-off destination the organization can only hope to reach.unduly worried/concerned/anxious etcAgatha hadn't been unduly concerned.No, I wasn't nervous, not unduly worried.She shouldn't be here because of Maria Luisa but she trusted Fernando enough not to be too unduly worried about it.I don't think the New Zealanders will be too unduly worried about the Lions.I was wary of Clive Smith as he seemed unduly anxious for Mr. Winterbone to make a will.It's why you aren't unduly worried that she's away with Steve.But what of the charge sometimes heard that Levitzki was unduly concerned with mechanical perfection at the expense of emotional commitment?
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