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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunearnedun‧earned /ˌʌnˈɜːnd◂ $ -ˈɜːrnd◂/ adjective   unearned income
Examples from the Corpus
unearnedRounding up from 0.3871, the more exact figure, to 0.39 gave Craig an unearned bonus of I 1.07 votes.Something shallow, unearned, but capable of putting you in thrall.Kneading is an example of synergy, which theologically means the combination of personal effort with unearned grace.Private productive property provides massive unearned income, and also frequently forms the basis of economic power.Capital gains, dividends and other unearned income would not be taxed.But the most striking anomaly of Labour's plans is the way it treats millionaires living off unearned income.No cash, just credit cards, and a guaranteed unearned income.What sparks their unexpected, unearned sympathy for us?unearned sympathy
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