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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuneasyun‧eas‧y /ʌnˈiːzi/ ●○○ adjective  1 NERVOUSworried or slightly afraid because you think that something bad might happenuneasy about Ninety percent of those questioned felt uneasy about nuclear power.see thesaurus at nervous, worried2 CALM#used to describe a period of time when people have agreed to stop fighting or arguing, but which is not really calmuneasy peace/truce/alliance/compromise The treaty restored an uneasy peace to the country.3 WORRIEDnot comfortable, peaceful, or relaxed She eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.uneasily adverb Bill shifted uneasily in his chair. Charles’ concern for the environment sits uneasily with (=does not fit well with) his collection of powerful cars.uneasiness noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: used to describe a period of time when people have agreed to stop fighting or arguing, but which is not really calmnounsan uneasy peaceThere was an uneasy peace in the region for nearly three years before the conflict flared up again.an uneasy truceIt was an uneasy truce, however, and tension was never far from the surface.an uneasy calmThings seemed quiet enough, but it was an uneasy calm.an uneasy alliance/relationshipThe government is based on an uneasy alliance between Christian Democrats and Socialists.an uneasy compromiseThe result was an uneasy compromise which no-one liked.
Examples from the Corpus
uneasyThere's something I don't trust about him. He makes me feel very uneasy.When I answered the telephone, no one was there, which made me uneasy.His unpredictable outbursts made family members feel uneasy.It was clear to Susan that Kendall made them uneasy.Rebecca was already beginning to feel uneasy about accepting the stranger's offer of a ride.And why even today are most scientists still profoundly uneasy about any such notion?Roger was a bit uneasy about the plan, but he agreed.75 percent of consumers said they were uneasy about using their credit cards over the Internet.Partly because of these restrictions on action and scope, the relationship between Assembly and Committee has often been uneasy and strained.After a while she started to feel uneasy, and then scared.Since the two sides declared a ceasefire, there has been an uneasy calm throughout the region.It was the same uneasy feeling he'd experienced that morning when he saw the police car outside.She had the uneasy feeling that he wasn't going to come back.She seemed uneasy, greeting him with a faltering voice.I was distinctly uneasy in his company, but I couldn't explain why.By then he was unofficially resident and working abroad, and in uneasy relations with the Soviet authorities.an uneasy relationshipThe thought sent an uneasy shiver down her spine.After the speech there was an uneasy silence and nobody clapped.An uneasy truce has been declared in the bloody two-year conflict.uneasy aboutShe felt a little uneasy about being alone in the room with Todd.uneasy peace/truce/alliance/compromiseGordon explained that I would be permitted to remain under a set of conditions that obviously represented an uneasy compromise.Rothermere, a much bigger newspaper owner, supported Beaverbrook in uneasy alliance.So complete was this victory that it ensured a kind of uneasy peace for nearly three years.There was a strange, uneasy peace in the city.For the next seventy years an uneasy truce prevailed, until hostilities were resumed in 1644.After a while, an uneasy truce was reached.But it may also be an uneasy truce, which can only be sustained as long as certain questions are not asked.One inhabits it like an occupying army and makes, at best, an uneasy truce with it.
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