1 worried or slightly afraid because you think that something bad might happen
uneasy about
90% of those questioned felt uneasy about nuclear power.
2 used to describe a period of time when people have agreed to stop fighting or arguing, but which is not really calm
uneasy peace/truce/alliance/compromise
The treaty restored an uneasy peace to the country.
3 not comfortable, peaceful, or relaxed:
She eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.
uneasily adverb:
Bill shifted uneasily in his chair.
Charles' concern for the environment sits uneasily with (=does not fit well with) his collection of powerful cars.
uneasiness noun [uncountable]
WORD FOCUS: worried WORD FOCUS: worried
similar words: anxious, concerned, apprehensive, uneasy, bothered, preoccupied, stressed (out)

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