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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunelectedun‧e‧lect‧ed /ˌʌnɪˈlektɪd◂/ adjective  someone who is unelected has a position of power although they were not elected – often used to show disapproval
Examples from the Corpus
unelectedElected Governments find that they have to share their power with unelected bodies ... Events are seemingly beyond their control.In other words, an unelected body decides what it will consider.A small point in a big-city operation, but one more shift of responsibility from elected officials to the unelected bureaucracy.In effect, Congress repeatedly gave away a sizable chunk of power to the unelected civil servants who staff federal agencies.the British Parliament's unelected House of LordsWe break that trust by handing over power to unelected people without any mechanism for changing their decisions.A randomly selected redistricting committee would leave the real power, again, with unelected staff.All the added power to be granted county government by this charter proposal will accrue to an unelected staff.However, unelected, time limited, hierarchical agencies have played an important role in central government initiatives to solve social problems.
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