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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunendingun‧end‧ing /ʌnˈendɪŋ/ adjective  CONTINUOUSsomething, especially something bad, that is unending seems as if it will continue for ever an unending stream of people
Examples from the Corpus
unendingHis task, one of unending and heady excitement, was now well and truly under way!Throughout these long, agonizing months, their lives are accompanied by the unending cacophony of my screaming.New Zealand's numerous indigenous shrubs and trees provide unending greenery.And, of course, they can glory in the unending powder of the Bowls.His universalism seemed to offer unending real misery punctuated by periods of illusory bliss.an unending series of interruptionsAnd on this stretch of Interstate 80, an unending stream of cars whooshes by.One could not know his measureless glory: the unending string of faces peering over the edge.
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