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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunequalun‧e‧qual /ʌnˈiːkwəl/ ●○○ adjective  1 UNFAIRused to describe a situation or a social system which is unfair because some groups or people have more power than othersinequality an unequal contest the unequal distribution of wealth2 EQUAL#not equal in number, amount, or levelof unequal size/length etc two rooms of unequal sizebe unequal in size/weight etc The pieces were unequal in length.3 be unequal to the task/job etcunequally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unequalThere are even certain particular selections of initial list for which there is no algorithm for deciding when two words are unequal.But the division of cytoplasm is extremely unequal.People are paid unequal amounts because they have unequal talents.The distribution of medical services has always been both unequal and inequitable.This chapter is concerned with the study of the unequal distribution of power, prestige and wealth in society.the unequal distribution of powerNot surprisingly, a more unequal distribution of skills leads to a more unequal distribution of earnings in the United States.The unequal distribution of wealth is a feature of our system of government.Only an unequal distribution that takes need into account can achieve the goal of effective equality of access to medical care.unequal educational opportunitiesThe epochs too are unequal in length.The boxers were so unequal in size that it was never really a true contest.two pieces of wood of unequal lengthIt was an unequal relationship. He was rich, powerful and experienced -- I was very young and naive.When people are forced to compete on unequal terms they become resentful.of unequal size/length etcWe were of unequal size: the larger one had to be fairer and the smaller one realistic.
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