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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunexplainedun‧ex‧plained /ˌʌnɪkˈspleɪnd◂/ adjective  SOLVE/FIND THE ANSWERsomething that is unexplained is something you cannot understand because you do not know the reason for it patients with unexplained symptoms For some unexplained reason, he wants to move to Ipswich.
Examples from the Corpus
unexplainedFor years, Sukhbir's death remained unexplained.Science should explain the observed, not deny the unexplained.The death of his first wife remains unexplained.There had been three unexplained fires at the school in the previous six months.Next day Jack pondered the mystery of the unexplained footsteps and laid plans to catch the intruder.I looked at her across the counter and tried to detect some glimmer of unexplained Highland intuition.The court may then find that, if unexplained, it is irrational.On one occasion excreta was placed in the fridge and there was an unexplained minor fire.In 1978, in Providence, Rhode Island, disturbances broke out after an unexplained murder of a black man by police.About six months after Mr Reynolds' first premonition, he experienced unexplained noises, mainly thumping and banging.He wants to move to Georgia for some unexplained reason.
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