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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunfashionableun‧fash‧ion‧a‧ble /ʌnˈfæʃənəbəl/ ●●○ adjective  OLD-FASHIONEDnot popular or fashionable at the present time unfashionable clothessee thesaurus at old-fashionedTHESAURUSunfashionable not popular or fashionable at the present time – used especially about people’s ideas, beliefs, and way of lifeThey lived in an unfashionable part of London.Marriage has become unfashionable in some countries.out of fashion no longer fashionable – used especially about clothes, styles, and behaviourMiniskirts have been in and out of fashion over the years.Leather jackets had never fallen out of fashion (=become unfashionable).He used to be a smoker until smoking went out of fashion.dated used for describing things which were fashionable and modern at one time but are starting to look unfashionable or old nowThe hotel needs to improve its dated interior.The show seems dated now.passé no longer fashionable – used especially about ways of doing and thinking about things. A rather formal useThe musicals and light comedies for which she was known have become passé.Some of his ideas about food are a bit passé.something is so last year informal used when saying that something is now very unfashionable – a very informal useBlogging is already starting to feel so last year.The resort is overcrowded and so last year.
Examples from the Corpus
unfashionableSmoking has become very unfashionable.But production stopped in the Eighties when they became unfashionable.Socialism became unfashionable after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.There would be hordes of mourners in very unfashionable black.He became an expert on Ash in Ash's most unfashionable days.She told him she lived in the unfashionable district of Harlesden in north-west London.Smoking has become very unfashionable in the last ten years.Whoever placed her feet, in their unfashionable lace-up shoes, left one askew, giving her a knock-kneed appearance.She lives in an unfashionable part of West London.Comparative anatomy, however, is an unfashionable science in the West today.It's unfashionable these days to say you want to get married and give up your job, isn't it?
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