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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunfetteredun‧fet‧tered /ʌnˈfetəd $ -ərd/ adjective formal  FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANTnot restricted by laws or rules unfettered economic activity
Examples from the Corpus
unfetteredShe was rude, untidy, undisciplined, unfettered and anarchic, and he loved it.Their ideal was the totally autonomous modern artist unfettered by ancestors, tradition, or nature.Often she went out to see the sky complete, unfettered by any window-frame.You can go unfettered by fancy equipment but need preparation, maps, boots, protection and time.But less well known is how he uses state laws to create an unfettered channel of contributions from donors across the country.Many adult smokers continue smoking not through unfettered choice but because they are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes.If only these people would adopt real democracy and the unfettered free market, this place could be as prosperous as Southampton.an unfettered market economy
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