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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunfilledun‧filled /ˌʌnˈfɪld◂/ adjective  1 an unfilled job, position etc is available but no one has been found for it yet unfilled vacancies2 an unfilled order
Examples from the Corpus
unfilledIt's hard to understand the unemployment figures when so many jobs go unfilled.He said there would be no enforced redundancies, but some vacant posts would remain unfilled.In some areas, especially big cities, there may be anything up to 50 percent of posts left unfilled.At one stage half the permanent health service posts were unfilled and agency staff worked in the flat on a daily basis.Then, discerning an unfilled need, he started a cigar-box company in the heart of the Southern Ontario tobacco fields.Demand has been so feverish that the company has a backlog of unfilled orders for commercial satellites.About 13,000 of the unfilled positions are for software engineers.This required all staff to work overtime or for the Command Center to bring in workers to cover unfilled shifts.That compares with 13,221 unemployed claimants and 241 unfilled vacancies in January 1987.
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