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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunfitun‧fit /ʌnˈfɪt/ adjective  1 FIT PERSON#not in a good physical condition syn out of shape She never gets any exercise – she must be really unfit.2 GOOD ENOUGH#not good enough to do something or to be used for a particular purposeunfit for Jenkins is unfit for public office. The meat was declared unfit for human consumption (=not suitable to eat). The house was unfit for human habitation (=not good enough to live in).unfit to do something Hubbard was declared mentally unfit to stand trial.
Examples from the Corpus
unfitOther charges include driving while disqualified, driving while unfit due to drink, without insurance and without a licence.I realised how unfit I was when I tried to run up the stairs.For the unfit individual, three times per week should be the maximum number of exercise sessions.The survey shows that the typical 16-year-old is unfit, lazy, and probably plays no sports at all.an unfit motherHe described her as unfit to be called a Catholic and certainly unfit for motherhood.The aim was to remove persons who were unfit to be ministers of religion either because of incompetence or scandalous behaviour.Finally, there is a group of patients who are considered mentally unfit to make decisions concerning themselves.Sometimes the Senate would decree that the son of a deceased emperor was unfit to succeed his father.The doctor had told her that she was unfit to travel, but she came home anyway.Please say briefly why you are unfit to work.mentally unfitWhat if the patient is mentally unfit or is a terminally ill minor?But more alarmingly, a planned fraud trial was scrapped because Burke was deemed mentally unfit to appear in the dock.The judge ruled that he was mentally unfit to be tried.Finally, there is a group of patients who are considered mentally unfit to make decisions concerning themselves.Her 80-year-old husband, Harry, had been declared mentally unfit to stand trial.
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