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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunflatteringun‧flat‧ter‧ing /ʌnˈflætərɪŋ/ adjective  making someone look or seem bad or unattractive an unflattering portrait
Examples from the Corpus
unflatteringIn which case, silly-billy's identity was obvious if unflattering.The unflattering and lively style of Roman portraits makes even the most conventional subject seem lifelike to the modern viewer.An unflattering article about her appeared on the front page of the tabloids.What follows is a somewhat unflattering description of Dottie.an unflattering photographFor instance, why is showing an unflattering picture of Bob Dole in a television commercial such a terrible crime?The unflattering portraits elicited strong protests from some of the campaigns.Far from being unflattering, they add cleavage, volume or support as in the Gossard Wonderbra.By contrast, many unflattering things have been said recently about Mrs Clinton.That is unless Durham folk take the same unflattering view of today's cricketers as the county's overseas star Dean Jones.
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