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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunforeseenun‧fore‧seen /ˌʌnfɔːˈsiːn◂ $ -fɔːr-/ adjective  EXPECT#an unforeseen situation is one that you did not expect to happenunforeseen circumstances/events/changes etc Due to unforeseen circumstances, the play has been cancelled.unforeseen problems/difficulties/delays unforeseen delays in supplying the equipment
Examples from the Corpus
unforeseenI had met Hugo at a party and unforeseen and overwhelming emotions had consumed me.Planned maintenance minimises unforeseen breakdowns, reduces machine running costs and ensures optimum machine availability.Once you have started the training you will not be allowed to leave, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.Our clients reserve the right to alter this timetable in the event of unforeseen circumstances.These actions may have unforeseen consequences.Something totally unforeseen could occur to preclude it.An interest-free loan fund is also available to students who find themselves in unforeseen financial difficulty.But I was slow to get started on this project and before I could something unforeseen happened.We had to cancel our visit to Egypt because of unforeseen problems.unforeseen problems/difficulties/delaysIt was furthermore an exercise in gaining experience in measurements with grass samples, to assist in spotting unforeseen problems.Such projects require a creative environment and flexible plans with ample room for unforeseen delays.This would allow us to make any changes we felt were appropriate and would highlight any unforeseen problems.Without an efficient system and good professional advice, unforeseen problems can develop into major setbacks.Other unforeseen difficulties have taken a further 4 percent, but Remington is confident the contingency reserve will cover it.Constraints Inevitably, unforeseen difficulties will arise to inhibit progress towards some targets.
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